for those who gave me the shelter:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
"why can i still believe in tomorrow?
When all I have tried was just in vain
Is it worth the fight? I couldn't start believing
That those feelings who died could face the pain"


all the things about you are amazing .
thanks for bright my day even maybe it was for awhile.
thanks for being my friend and soul mate.

maybe it was too early to judge about you but somehow u make me feel appreciated.
come for something i cant give.
but i still believe in fake and faith.
thanks for being my freinds:)

cepatlah pulang dari johor yang jauh tersohor.
nanti kita main teka teki sape kalah kene maki lagi eah:)
nanti kita joging lagi sape lambat kene tggal lagi =.= *itu awak jahat*



miss lysaemilia said...

haih,jtuh saham i u ltk pic i ng jejaka tuh. i dislike.

sHEmA_sHImoT:D said...