27th August 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Thanks to faizal fadzir because remind me that tomorrow was 27th...every 27th august i always hope some miracel..something that will make me appriciate it..but for this year,it was nothing for me on that date..the only i know i'll get free call for the whole day..*ngeeee!!

im not supposed to be sad right now,*dont syma*but here i am.dont know why the tears come out..*sigh

ma twins born at 9.35am,while me at 10.05am..happy birthday shikin!!moga kau panjang umur dan sihat selalu..

and if im not mistaken my birthday was same with Miss fynn jamal..opss Mrs Tri..huhu..HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAK FYNN..

;)..seriously i forgot that tomorrow is 27th!!syma stupid!!;)


shalyafzan said...

waahh..besde ke??

selamat hari lahir...

for your twins as well...

sHEmA_sHImoT:D said...

thanxs kak sally..;p