after eid

Monday, November 30, 2009
saya mulakan entry kali ini dengan Bismillahhirahmannirohhim..
supaya sy bisa menulis dengan tenang tanpa amarah dan dendam..permudahkanlah semuanya..amin..;)

sy bahagia dengan encik masrizan saya.Fullstop!sometime i just hate this feeling because when i miss him,its hurt so much!damn much!
cant stop loving him just same like i cant stop miss him


he just too busy with his life.Too much.Dunno till when i can afford this feeling,but telling u the true i cant understand ur life kanda.Its hard for me accept all this.But i love much!(T_T)
but i will learn bout it slowly and i've pomise before to behaved n just get it easy n slowly right?..promise u..;)

weekend at my hometown,lots of laugh n tear.Just God knows everything.Im tired being a shadow..realy tired.its just like im not one of them.nothing to proud at me,means nothing to show them bout me.Plus my thousand weekness.People,i still have a feeling,why u all so mean?


no one can understand one..;(

i still have a sense,what ever u said what ever u do.please think bout me too..i love u so much people.and i'll neva hate u even u trying to kill me,but please care bout my feeling too..i dunno till when i can be kind like this but please before it getting wrost..and dont worry cz u are forgiven..;)

everything going ok bout debit n credit for this month,alhamdulillah at last i can manage it and i can stop my self from buying useless things..;)

lastly,stop being hipocrit and make mess with me,its nothing u get from there.Dont disturb my life plus dont interfere my not the OLD trying to be matured..dont hurt me..plz dont hurt me..atleast gimmi some chance to feel happy before im going..far away from u all ;(

im so sorry if im hurt u all..realy sorry..